honda cg and cbf bore will it fit ?

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honda cg and cbf bore will it fit ?

hi i have a honda cg125br-j 1989 engine needs a full rebuild bottum end has life .. untill i have more money for a full rebuild dose a honda cbf125 2009-10 bore and piston..... Will it fit and run right ??

in need of a Engine for a honda Cg125 br-j 1989 budget around £130 at most would like a donor bike

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I doubt it. The first thing is that a cg 125 engine has push rods, (mine has,1978 model) cbf has camchain. Second, the inlet manifold wont take a standard cg carburetor. I m wondering if a whole cbf engine will fit into a cg frame. Probably need a modification to the tank for the fuel injection and in my case change to 12 volt.  Al

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