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honda camino 50

just picked one of these up for next to nothing as a non runner,5 minutes spannering, fresh juice and a new plug and its all up and running again.the question is what to do with it?i dont really want to put it back on the road-i might get laughed at on it ;  )  what i want to do is pimp it up and make something fun out of it....any ideas?  and for the record its not my normal choice of bike just a bit of fun

Field bike?

You will have to paint it pink and put some huge eye lashes over the headlight. ... It does have a headlight doesn't it?Don't forget the stupid red shoes - they are compulsory.

I say use it!Id kill to have a nice camino lol, you may laugh but small, light cheap to run = winner plus you can drive one at sixteen, and its like pink shirts, takes a real man to ride a camino  glad to hear you've brought one back from the dead, 

Hi Ive just purchased a blue camino from 1988. Cant find much info on the net about them , any one know of any good links regarding this specific year Camino.It arrives saturday. Excited! You bet.

old thread but what can you dohad one of these at 16 yes i did get laughed atbut 120mpg and will p**s over modern 50cc's due to weighing 50kgput mx bars and front mud guard on and cut the restrictor pipe off

Just bought a late 80,s camino. It would run well with the choke on but obviously would soot the plug after a few minutes.I stripped the carb which was clean and replaced it. will now only run for a few seconds. Im used to big jap bikes so this is a touch beyond my experience. There is compression but doesnt seem much but as i said,im used to big japs.there is a spark but the plug just seems wet when i remove plug. any help would be appreiciated.

hi there.  cutthegra, where are you based, are you near london?  did you get your camino sorted?  cheers.

Hi Guys,a couple of years ago I bought a '73 Honda Amigo 50cc 4 stroke moped from an old chap who had kept it in his garden shed for 15 years;after cleaning the cobwebs and gunge off,I put in some fresh petrol,cleaned up the plug and it ran as good as new.My 17 year old niece now polishes it up every weekend and runs around on it in the north of Scotland getting about 130mpg.Good little bikes.

Anybody know how to loosen the nut which holds the flywheel on ?

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