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Home for Cafe Racers, Scramblers, etc

Despite the retro revival and all the coverage on cafe racers and seventies street customs in the mainstream bike press recently, there's aren't many places for riders builders and fans to gather in one place. Bike EXIF, Pipeburn, Dues, Wrench Monkees and Sideburn provide a few go-to places for the pros and thier followers, but adding to the mix is now The Bike Shed a blog/mag co-owned buy a group of builders and bloggers, mostly from the UK, designed to mix up the Shed builds with the pro builds, as well as covering events and people.

Co owners include me (blogging under full tilt), Tim & Kev from Spirit of the Seventies and Adam & Co at Untitled Motorcycles with regular contributions from loads of specialist rpro builders and forum amateurs.

Please take a moment to check us out, and we hope you don't object to the shameless plug...

Seeing as it's you, we'll allow it..

You are very kind, sir...  Hopefully my plug has been respectful to thr forum spirit.  (You still got the TL? - would make a great donor for a modern cafe?)

Here's the kinda bike we loooove...

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