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 Mito looks nice. Dont forget to post some pics of the finished article up mate

here she is then,painted and with its matching rs 250 rear wheel to go with the front end..........

Mito looks fantastic. Any info on the build, rough costs, main problems and time to build?

Thought you guys might like to see our recently completed RG500 Spondon specials. A bit of a mix of old skool and new skool components and built with lightness in mind by Darren Lane. We are very pleased with how they have turned out.

Here's the spec:

Spondon frame and swingarm
Spondon hand made aluminium tank
Suzuki RG500 engine built and tuned by Darren
Ohlins front suspension
White Power custom rear suspension
Brembo brakes
BST carbon wheels
Nova gearbox
Swarbrick pipes (fabricated by Darren)
Nova dry clutch
Koso clocks
RGV VJ22 bodywork with mods to lower front fairing sides
VJ22 M spec based one piece single seat unit
Billet yokes (as used on new Norton Café Racer)
Graphics supplied by James (Snittle on the rgv250 forum)
Paint by Steve (friend of Darren's - SchwantzC on the rgv250 forum)
loads of hand made components by Darren and also some very hard to find items sourced by Darren.

Thanks also due to Stuart at Spondon Engineering for supplying the frames and other components.

More Snaps...


Hello all

just thought id show off my ride that i have just oh my what fun it is to ride around the country roads in notts & south yorks
here take a look

what do u all think??

thanks and ride safe


Hey, I love that bike! You don't happen to be selling, are you? Haha, how long have you had this one anyway?

 Just spent the last 6 months on this, it was a runner but quite tatty, Looking fairly presentable now. Restoring one of these was an ambition for the last 15 years, I'm glad to have acheived it. Hope you all like it Mike My GT250

My '98 Yamaha TZM 150 cc bike built in Thailand for the 2-stroke S.E. Asia racing series. Yamaha was getting eaten alive because at the time they only had the 135 cc RXZ (no YPVS) up against the Honda NSR's and Kawa Ninjas. They dropped this baby onto the scene in '97, killed the competition and the series was cancelled at the end of '98.   I bought this bike from a guy who never rode it. It's 14 yrs old and only has 5000 km on the clock. It's really quick and agile with a beautifully smooth powerband. Best thing is, only 300 were imported into Indonesia (where I live) and even the guys at the Yamaha shops don't know what the hell it is!

it's nice motor.

Wow great bikes all of them! I just have this really amazing passion for 2 stroke bikes. Ill share some pictures later on 


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