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canHow can anyone put a value on a 1980 DT100. Irish reg and looks like crap. No seat, non runner, needs total overhaul, etc, etc.

Also, how much is a minter worth? (1980)

Thanks in advance


not much either way I say .I had one in 1987 I hated it pretty little thing though . I got conned into buying it from a mate of a mate  because it was cooler than the honda h  I was going to buy  the one with the high bars  and the 2 stroke tank set in the petrol tank it even had a guage for the 2t oil .not the s with the rev counter . I later bought a h 100 and  found it a grand little tiddler . I don't really fancy another small bike but I kinda fancy a jawa 350 for the crack . a jap 2 stroke trialie from that  kind of time I would like are Suzuki ts 185 or 250

something this bad   use ebay   99p - 99£ start price  'spares or repair' a mint dt100 worth 1000-2000£..........

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