Donington Autojumble and Bike Meet

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Donington Autojumble and Bike Meet

7th March 2010. Donington Park. Circuit entry FREE. Parking - FREE.

 Newark Auto Jumble on Tour - 5 quid,

Donington Motorsport Museum discounted to 5 quid on the day.

Its basically an head count of Donington fans who want to see the circuit re-opened asap. All the finger pointing, blaming and debating is over its time to stand up and be counted and look to the future. Whats done is done, we are moving on.

Lots of Car clubs and bike clubs as well as racing bikes, racing cars and racing trucks all gathered to support the circuit. Lots to see and going on.

Allcomers welcome. The more bikes the better (the car boys think they own it already).

Please Ride over and take part. If you belong to an owners club check with them as they may have booked a club plot where all the club can park up together.

NO ONE is asking for money from you.

A planned announcement by Kevin Wheatcroft should reveal who the new lease holder is and when the circuit will re-open.

More info on Facebook - Save Donington The group has gathered 11,500 members in 8 weeks ..

or info at