classic yamaha production racer

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classic yamaha production racer

Hi guys I have built a Yamaha classic race bike around an air cooled 1970s motor and need info on the port timing of a TD 1a , b or c motor to complete the tune. Thanks !

Dear sir,ive recently purchased a 1998 honda sj100bali,the scooter flys to 50mph no prob but doesnt go any faster & seems held back which is very frustrating. Surely a modern scooter should have a better top speed.? Could you please tell me if the bike would be restricted & if so how do i deristrict? PLEASE HELP ME. Luton Airport Parking

Hi Adriana your scooter is definitely not restricted it has a
100cc two stroke air cooled motor in a very low state of tune
With a compression ratio of 6 to 1 the motor would have to be
Completely re built by a two stroke tuner at a cost three times
The value of the bike but look on the good side a motor with
This low state of tune will be very reliable and last a long
Time. One last thing to try is to take the bike for a service
And have the mechanic clean the air cleaner and check that the
Exhaust is not blocked with carbon deposits and oil but 50 mph
Is top speed for this bike

I  hope to have good performance

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