Brand New Ducati 900S for £4k !!

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Brand New Ducati 900S for £4k !!

  We went to Millenium motorcycles in St Helens for a wander on Sunday afternoon and spotted a bargain, or 4! They have 4 un-registered Ducati 900 S's with no more than 2 miles on the clock. 3 of them have the standard bikini fairing and they're £3995 and 1 has a lower fairing too and is £4195! They are the 2002 model but have never been registered and have factory stickers on their headlamps! Sounds like a bargain for someone! I was very tempted myself but i like the triple too much and the seating position is a bit more bum up, head down on the Ducati. 3 of them are matt charcoal with grey wheels. 1 is gloss grey with red wheels. The showroom is packed full of bikes now and there are plenty of used bikes downstairs too.

So tempting! If only i had some spare money or was looking at swapping the Triple

Here's a link to their website.. link They also have some unregistered Benelli Tornado bikes for £5995! Why do these offers always come along when i'm not in the market for a new bike?!

Those Benellis are on a promotion   www.5-9-9-5.comVery tempting

yeah i saw them on there too.. tis tempting!

If you go for one of the Ducatis make sure it has new belts fitted before delivery - service life on belts is 24 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.  Also check warranty position - not sure if these are official UK bikes

according to the chap in Millenium and their website, they come with a 2 year warranty. Good point about the belt life though. Well worth mentioning while they've been stood around for quite some time!

They still have a bunch of these bikes. I ordered one yesterday. Still same price. The belt change is part of the PDI. The bikes are parallel imports, clocks to mph etc and headlamp all gets done too.

I've already ordered a set of carbon GP slip ons, carbon clutch cover, tiny indicators, and a power commander.

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