BMW R25/3 - Any for sale / any advice?

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BMW R25/3 - Any for sale / any advice?

Hi there, I'm keen to find any BMW R25/3 for sale. I'd like to get a classic Beemer but these seem quite few and far between on sites like eBay and when they do come up for sale, they always go for around £2500, which doesn't seem too bad.

Any advice on these bikes? 

They look very well made, but people tell me they're a bit dull to ride.Why does it have to be a /3? Why not an R26?

Yeah I'd be interested in an R26. I can't find any old BMWs for sale at all though.R25 dull to ride? I can imagine, but perfect for what I want, i.e. posing.

Ugly, slow, out of date-and no matter what bike you choose you wont be able to change that

Good one Nidge! Less of the out of date, I'm still in my prime. Just.

hey.. i have a 25/3 for sale.. 2500£.. looking for a duc 748 in england.. can bring it with me..  peter, denmark..+45 51 44 44 15 

hey.. i have a 25/3 for sale.. 2500£.  Mile  from serbija +381 21876821 call me if you vant information.

Looking for a BMW R25 in the UK or Europe. Can anyone help? Thanks.

I saw one at Goodwood Revival, they look stunning but talking to a few people who know about them I've figured out that one wouldn't be good for what I want it for, i.e a 20 mile daily commute.

Hi,I have a 1955 r25/3 reg No 483XUC in excellent condition. It has done less than 37K kilometers. I am Kettering, Northants Tel 01536 312131Price is £2700.00 No offersGary

I have a BMW R 25/3 from 1954 whit the original parts from the motor, I have and the pictures, how is interested can contact me on my e mail:, the motor is drived just 18 years,the  motor has leather seats, also has the original shaf-driven part. It's worth to look 

R25 is an overrated bike because of its looks . Its too slow to enjoy youth . Even id sold it away at far less price .

i have bmw r25/3  1954 and i sale this motor if you want informations call me +38978563214 i am from macedonia

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Just come to Indonesia. The things are everywhere. a mint condition one will probably cost around $5000.  

?? m selling my r 25/2 1950   2.800 euro. Greece. ??nformat??on at

i wanna buy bmw R25 .Is there any chances to import it to india

i have  a 1954 bmw r25/3 1954 w /side car run and drive perfect ,, mint condition. the motorcycle is in south america ,so you going to be responsable for the shipping,customs,, etc if  you want to make an offer ,

Great bike for touring.  Stay safe and be mindful of road and weather conditions when riding.  This will keep you safe! Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles.

I have an old Dnepr! its a 1994 ish goes well and gets 70mpg, it attract crowds wherever i park it ... And guess what, I,m not selling it at all!!  

I was supprised just how much vibration my R25 gave me I sold it after a while if you have it you will know as it took me days in kitchen shops till I found the right sized sauspan to cover the alternator on the front.

Looking for R25, R26, R27 or R50/2, R60/2 in US. my email is  let me know if you have for sale.

i have one BMW R25/3 54' model ... all the parts its genius... its works fine ... i am from greece ... we can send you video , photos everything you want ... ADD ME ON FACEBOOK " SPILIOS MARINOS"   OR CALL ME AT : +30698 374 0368 ... !  the BIKE ITS PERFECT.. ITS LIKE A NEW BIKE... WITH NICKELS EVERYTHING...  WE GIVE IT 4500euros ! ! 

i have bmw  r25 motorcycle,,, location ireland , price 2500euros .. needs tidy up,, alays garage stored think is 1951 or so year ,,, genuine german 00353879088525

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