Best Ducatti garages

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Best Ducatti garages

We're looking for the best bike repair centres in the UK.  People are very quick to complain when someone's done a bad job on their bike, but not so good at spreading the word when someone's done well.  So, we want to find out who the good guys are, so that these unsung heroes can get the recognition that they deserve, and so that riders can have a list of great centres to go to.  So where's done a good job?  Which are the best Ducatti garages? Any recommendations would be much appreciated and very useful.



I recommend Louigi Moto near Bristol

Thats encouraging, just the one good duke shop it appears.

Yeah come on guys, I'm sure there must be more... Thanks for your help so far though,Luke

Moto Rapido in Winchester would be my choice, ive used louigi moto once and never again, perhaps he was having a bad spell but never again

Neil at Cornerspeed in Kirkby in Ashfield or Italia Moto in Lincoln always do a good job.

V Duo in Lincoln

v twin services consett, newcastle, independant fella but fecking great & very reasonably priced.

Always found Forza Italia at Silverstone to be reliable www.[b]forza[/b]-[b]italia[/b]

Cornerspeed, Ducati Manchester

Pro Twins at Godstone in Surrey are top drawer and highly recommended - done a stack of good work on my 999S  Also used Ducati Leeds when I have been travelling and they give great service too (actually in Shipley West Yorkshire)

Millsport Motorcycles In Ballymoney N.Ireland. Best dealer ive ever experienced!

Neil at Cornerspeed nr Mansfield. I would load up the van and drive up from Dunstable Beds because I could trust him to do a top job. 4D

After being not to impressed at all with my main dealer decided to go to an independent for my work doing once the warranty ran out on my 1098s. Used this guy Ducati John, based in yorkshire.... very thorough and a bit of a perfectionist which is what you want when people work on your pride & joy. Can't recommend him enough and he'll be doing all my future work for sure! 

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Phil at Italia in Lincoln. I bought several bikes from him and he looked after me so well that I will always go back there.I bought both used and new from him and he and his guys were brilliant.Can highly recommend, good, fair service and a thoroughly nice bloke.

I visited Cornerspeed last month, their service and coordination is best in Manchester.Visit Online Store

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