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Benelli 354 or 504

Hi I'm after a new bike. I've only had one and just sold it: a yamaha ttr250. I thought I'd made up my mind and was going for a triple 900 but was searching eBay and saw some cool Italian bikes. Does anyone here know much about the Benelli 354 or 504? I don't really like the 654 styling so much. I've read that you can't pull the skin off a pud with these bikes but its all relative isn't it? My TTR had 19hp and I was wringing its nuts at 65mph. It only weighed about 130kg though. I'm really thinking of going for the Benelli but I'm not sure as it seems you can't get a workshop manual either. I don't speak/read Italian. Im not one of those guys that can just get by without one. I travel to work through the countryside on a-roads and need to be able to hold sixty-five/seventy mph with ease as the cars make your life an effing misery if you can't. Strong headwinds with the TTR and I was in trouble . By the way, its the Sport model I want. I think the 504 is about 50hp but weighs in over 200kg all in. The 354 is around 38 hp or something and similar weight. Any owners on here?

Pretty rare bike I think.

I remember them back in the day....they were pretty rare then...more so now. I seem to remember the engines were very much based on the sohc Honda 500/550 lump of a similar period. The paint finishes were suspect, chrome was wafer thin and the electrics woeful....but they certainly stood out from the crowd....If you can find a good one it's likely to be expensive.....and ought to be cossetted....If you try and run it like a modern Jap commuter you may be dissapointed! Both should maintain 70mph without too much difficulty, the 504 more so.

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