Aqua Vapour Bead Blasting

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Aqua Vapour Bead Blasting


I have installed an Industrial Aqua Blasting machine in my workshop to restore some of my motorcycle engine parts and i am now able to offer a wet vapour (glass bead) blasting service. I already provide an aluminium oxide shot blasting service for steel and agressive aluminium and titanium surface finishing..

Aqua Blast Cleaning of all aluminium components / castings : Engine casings , barrels , cylinder heads , valves , carbs etc, etc , ......

The finish is superb using glass bead with air and water mix brings aluminium up like new with a bright finish.

Some of you have already used this type of finish.

I am based in the Essex area and will only be providing this service to members of motorcycling and automotive specialist forums.

I will be concentrating on motorcycle parts for restorers.

Please give me a call to discuss 07976 300123

I may be able to offer a postal service but drop off and collection will be preferred. Will also offer a while you wait service at weekends.

Parts will need to be supplied in a reasonably degreased condition. I am concentrating on the final surface finish of the metal , I am not offering a degunking/degreasing washing service if you see what i mean !!

I also offer a one off machining service for titanium and aluminium parts - email drawings and phone to discuss.

I also specialise in blast etching motorcycle logos into the surface of aluminium and titanium parts.



What part of Essex are you in? I am restoring a 1969 Triumph T150 and would like an idea of what it would cost to clean barrels, head inc rocker covers as well as engine cases.  The P/Chain, G/Box and Timing chain cases to end up with high polish.  I also have the 3xAmal carbs to clean

Hi MikePlease call me on the above number - i am based near ColchesterParts will not be a problemThanksNick

Please see my WebsiteWWW.CCAQUABLASTING.COMthanksNick

Hi...I have an old lambretta frame with a coating of surface rust could you help in this...there are other parts to of which need to be done to....forks..rims.. Many thanks Gene

2gene     steel m/c frames with light rust will clean up with glass bead blasting,    heavy rusting needs grit blasting,      grit blasted items can be finished off with bead blasting   this gives a better finish prior to spraying  or   powder coating............

I’m hoping you can help me, I have a project I’m trying to cost and one part of it is a motorbike engine. I need to find a cb250  engine, most I have seen are in a poor state. I think this is where you could help me, I have been looking at aqua blasting and understand this would leave the engine in a as new look. My questions are is this the case and how much would it cost to have the engine cleaned to a as new condition. 

Hi, i'm restoring a benelli 750 sei. some idiot sprayed the 6 cylinder engine black.includind the head and barrels. There's nothing wrong withe the engine, so I don't want to strip it. could you do the whole engine as one unit? regards Rick

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