Aprilia rs125, Rear/brake light on?

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Aprilia rs125, Rear/brake light on?

Well after recently buying my 1st aprilia rs125 (1999 rotax 122), i replaced the battery as the bike had been stood for a few months, and a new battery was in order.

The rear light worked fine. . For the first couple of pumps on the brake peddle. Then i switched off the ignition. went to it again later on. . brake light wouldnt come on, with both brakes. when i turn on the dipped/main beam lights, the rear light comes on but it looks a tad to bright, as if the brake light is always on. when i press the brake pedal/lever, it stays the same, and doesnt dimm, or go brighter. Yet as i said before, when the lights are turned off, the brake light wont work??

 Would this be down to a dodgy bulb? brake light switch/s? or am i looking at some dodgy wiring here? any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. .

cheers, ed.

First thing to do is yank the bulb out so you can have a proper look-see, if it's a dual-filament (one filament for taillight, one for brake) you'll be able to see if both are, as you suspect, illuminating.If they are, best guess and probably easiest check is your brake light switches - one or other has probably stuck in, should be easy enough to clean and free up, or usually cheap to replace.If you have only got the one filament lighting up - ie. the brake one isn't coming on - bulb itself is the obvious culprit. You can normally see a broken filament, but even if not brake light bulbs are only a few quid usually, so I'd try replacing it. Failing that, it's very unlikely both switches have failed, so you're looking for dodgy wiring.

Ah right, I'll have a look see when i get chance mate. Cheers for your help

hi ya m8 my brake light are not working at all, my normal rear light is fine but when i press bake lever front or back i get nuffin any ideas.

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