Any Tuono Owners in Herts?

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Any Tuono Owners in Herts?

I am in need of a Tuono  02 - 05 owner local to hertfordshire.

I want to check a few things against my RSVR.

(dont worry i dont need anything drastic!!!)

Please drop me a pm if anyone can do this for me.

I can come to you, if you dont fancy a travel.


Hello mateIf its any use, I've got an 01 RSVR that I've converted to a Tuono.  Based in Royston.

What is it you want to check

Its ok i have sorted it.I have just fitted an 03 rear seat unit to the bike.(as it should have been) And wanted to check if the Tuono rear seat is the same as the RSVR one on an 03.  As the 03 rear seat unit is slightly slimmer then the 02 one.But thought sod it, and bought a Tuono seat and it fits a treat!!!So all is cool

As you've figured out, the Tuono rear end is the same as the 03 Mille.However, I have a question.  I have an 02 RSVR - if I want to fit the 03 rear end, is it just the bodywork and seats I need?  (i.e. with the 03 stuff fit straight onto my 02 subframe?)Where did you get the 03 rear end and how much, if you don't mind me asking?

Got it all from Ebay.The only extra you will need is a small plastic plate that goes underneath the lights.Best bet is have a look at Aprilia Yorkshire, and you will see the drawings of all the parts.I just floated back between the 02-05 Tuono the 03 RSVR and the 02 RSVR. I paid £41 for the rear seat unit, and £35 for the rear seat itself.These are as rare as hell though.... All i need now is the rear seat pod to replace the seat itself.I just have to fit the rear foot pegs, which happen to have locating holes on both brackets for my lovely twin pipes!!!!

Cool, thanks.

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