Any one on here on clubaprillia

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Any one on here on clubaprillia

Hi I joined clubaprillia in 2006 but sold my RSVR just after Im now coming back into the fold but I never activated my forum account so although I can log on i cant do anything or contact any admins,and I no longer have the email ddress I used to join, so need someone to drop the admins a PM etc so it can get sorted

Cheers Dave

I did a similar thing. If you sign and pay up again they still have your old details and will refund your money. I had no problems but left my subscription in because the T shirt is good and they threw a beanie in for me. Just add a note to your subscription about what happened.They are a good set of lads and very proffesional with the forum admin etc. What bike are you getting ? If its a Tuono you could sign up for the Tuonozone. Or alternitively Rsv zone. Thats free and you can have a laugh.

Rsvzone is probably the best of all Aprilia forums in my opinion, non stop piss take on there

Tuono zone's the same. Brutal. I love it.

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