About to buy a CB125 Superdream

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About to buy a CB125 Superdream

hey all, im about to buy a superdream, first bike and all that, so i really dont know much other than what i've read about it... there are some mixed opinions about it and i just wondered how you all felt about it.

 the bike itself has just had a complete overhall, the frames been stripped, cleaned and painted, complete engine rebuild, all the running gear has been cleaned or replaced... valves refitted, brakes replaced, forks stripped, painted and resealed, new rear suspension. new ignition and electrics...

 so i was wondering what i could expect out of it, its fuel efficiency, max speed etc.

its the 1982 model, single exhaust.


single exhaust ? i thought they all had 2 into 2 ,anyway they are a good little bike top speed approx 75 mph but will need to be thrashed to get that ,out of interest how much is it ,it seems it may have had a lot spent on it if what you say is correct .

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