#2 stroke starting problems.........

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#2 stroke starting problems.........

Hi chaps,wander if u may be able to help?ive got a 96 kx 250 which is a bastid to start,and when it does start usually after a bump,its a bastid to start again if it stops!!
now thats trying to kick it over,with a very small bump it fires right up!!this makes no sense to me.
the engines been rebuilt,piston, rings,crank seals,and the carbs been stripped cleaned and set up......reckon it may have anything to do with the reed valves..?

any help much apreciated!

If its not the pilot mixture,which is what you should check first, then chech the stator.When the stator starts to go you often have to resort to bump starting.I am no expert but had same problem on a cr 250 and it was the stator.Hope that helps.

I hate to say this as it's the last thing you want to check I had the same issue, turned out to be the CDI unit. The thyristor (?) had gone but this was apparently realised as a gradual difficulty in starting from taking a while to fire to hard starting in cold weather to general annoyingness to bump starting to complete electrical failure.More than likely something else though so wait until an exert corrects me

What's last thing to check, pilot settings ?Was only a suggestion,no cost and easy to check.Anyway stator can give same symtoms as mentioned above,so hope it's the cheaper option.Good luck.

make sure pilot jets are spotless and float heights set correctly

Yep, stator, battery or any other electrics are my guess if it bumps mega easy but won't kickstart.

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