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2 Stroke FAQ List

As per Workshop and Touring, here's our Thread Of Useful Threads/FAQ's!

I'll get this stickied and as our new forum grows, we can keep this updated. Ideas for useful topic headings appreciated!

2 Stroke Links - Probably the biggest list of 2 stroke related websites known to man!

2 Stroke Books - Essential reading for any 2 stroke enthusiast.

Links dont work anymore...

Yes, i think so. The Links don't work 

I agree with you !  Safety is the most important???

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Hello guys does anyone own a rd 200 1970's ,i am doing one up at the moment,i would like to chat to people who know about them,i am nearly ready to start the engine,i have had the carbs blasted just the outsides,

when restoring old bikes  it is always worth having the carb internals 'ultrasonically cleaned'   and buy a set of new jets / needles etc.etc.    try  YAMBITS.COM for good n.o.s. Yamaha spares.......

ps    if you need to have your carbs externally cleaned   only use a aqua/water blast system      this is a fine glass bead medium in water,   it produces a lovely satin finish,  is also used on any other alloy component,      it also cleans old stainless steel exhaust systems..

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