2 Stroke Engine Rebuilds & Tuning

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2 Stroke Engine Rebuilds & Tuning

First of all apologies to the admin team if this sort of thing is not allowed...

I have come across this forum in the past and now that the quiet time of the year has come around I thought I would take the oppertunity to introduce my company, Brook Racing.

We specialise in 2 stroke engines and offer loads of services:

Full Engine Rebuilds
Top End Rebuilds
Porting & Polishing Work
Gearbox Rebuilds

The list goes on...

Just thought I would put us out there for the forum users, maybe we could be of use to some of you!


David Brook
t. 01274 41768
e. info@brookracing.co.uk
w. www.brookracing.co.uk (under construction)