1986 Suzuki Gsxr 750

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1986 Suzuki Gsxr 750

had the bike for maybe 4 days, then noticed that a plug wire popped out after i changed the spark plugs. So got new wires but used the same coils, i broke the clips  which was unfortunate,  now when i try to turn she backfires at me   been trying to turn so much that i noticed the battery is getting a little lower, please help!!!!! The person before used some time of black sealer to put the wire back in thats why i thought it needed new wires. but i guess thats not the problem. again, IT does Turn! it just backfires at me

could be simple broken down insulation back fire means many things like leaky valves bad timing (not normal on electonic ignition ) nakerd exsaust but if you have one plug not fireing it pumps fuel in to exsaust start by cjhanging plugs then check as u put newones in that all are sparking then try turning over in dark look for arching from leads re charge battery first  

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