07 RS250 Honda.

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07 RS250 Honda.

Bit of a long shot but does anyone here have contacts who could help with more information on these regarding price/availability in the UK?

Padgetts in Yorkshire are the dealers in the uk i believe

DHR, and Sp racing may be worth a go if Padgetts can't help. RS cycles in the States may also be able to help.http://www.rscycles.com/Bikes/250/02%20rs250/250cc2.htm

I'd bet padgetts can help, only up the road from me and either have or can get just about anything.Clive has helped me with some very usefull advice. Useless info of the day.... my uncle used to race with them many moons ago and knows them very well (mal carter) Beautifull bike btw, if your going buying a condition is you must post pics

im_slo_on_my_sm wrote

(mal carter)

Pharaoh Garages?

A747 wrote

Pharaoh Garages?

Yep you know him? Whats your real name? I maybe indirectly know you?

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