06 Mille will not start!

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06 Mille will not start!

 Hi all slight problem went to fire up my 5000 mile 06   Mille this evening and all i get is all the idiot light as the norm the revcounter doing its thing a wine from the fuel pump as per norm but the solanoid does'nt even try to engage the battery, the battery was a little flat granted but why  nothing????? it has a data tool alarm fitted  that had taken the battery down all i can think is that on the old shape mille if you tried to fire it up with a poorly battery it could and would end knackering the sprag clutch and now there is some black arts tronic gagetry in place to stop the bike turning over with a flat battery am i talking rubbish ??? please help!!!!! ta!

Solved my own problem Doh!!! the thing with a ball bearing in it that sits on top of the battrey think it kills the engine in the event of an off, it slips on to a lug on the battery support i simply put it on upside down you can not tell which way is up looking at it doubleDoh!!!

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