02 RSV-R problem. Help!!

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02 RSV-R problem. Help!!

Just bought it.

Trailered it home. washed all the shit off it and shoved it in my mates garage for storage till the nice weather under a sleeping bag, quilt and a proper bike cover.

Opimate on so there should be no probs. However the damned thing just won;t start. The battery is showing 12.5v on the voltmeter. All the lights work, alarm works. It's so pretty and the damned thing's let me down already. I was weary of buying italian but this is takign the piss. I've not even ridden it yet.

Turn my alarm off. key in, all the lights come on. But it just clicks at me. i think that's the sound of a solarnoid or something. Now i am a complete biff when it comes to bike mechanics. i can change the oil on a hornet and that's about it.

 Please tell me someone has an idea. I don;t really want to take it back to the dealer as it's miles away in northampton.

Oh and the bike's done 1500 miles and is mint.

Please help!!!

Its the starter solenoid(spelling) and/or the battery. I have a Tuono and they are prone to this. It can be replaced with i thik a suzuki one which is cheaper and doesnt fail.Go here..http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/f...splay.php?f=36Lots of useful info.

cheers bud

Got the RAC out for it today. Tis inded the starter solanoid. Dealer is sending one out as we speak. Apparantly it's an apprillia uprated unit as they have recognised the problem. Spot on twelvelegs

Bugger me blind! i was right .Must get the wife to read this, she will never believe it!!Glad i could help.

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