00 RSV Mille BHP

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00 RSV Mille BHP

I'm taking my bike to be Dyno'd and suspensiomn set up in two weeks ....

And I was wondering what kind of BHP should i be Getting...

PC3 fitted.

Wire cut in ECU

K&N air filter

Airbox derestriction removed..

Scoprion Race can....

So I'm looking for what kind of BHP and torque to be looking for ..

mine made 118 bhp at the back wheel. its a 2000 model, with air filter, pipe, chip, and p/c 3  mods. mark.

About 120 and 73/74 of torque

I had mine on the local dyno in December, it made 115.9 with similar mods to yours. It isn't running a custom map though, so I dare say they'd find a couple more BHP if I had that done.

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