Talkback: Is the Rainpal the ultimate accessory for British riders?

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Talkback: Is the Rainpal the ultimate accessory for British riders?

Ultimate 'Visordown' test opportunity?

So you can order one but they have not made a prototype yet? So 'order' means give money and maybe get something. Sometime. Perhaps. If they can actually make it. Or am I missing something?

Why thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever hoyd,(oliver hardy)

I must have missed a few weeks, is it April 1st already?

It's not April 1st is it?

Whats it like at 70+ on dirty rain soaked lorry filled motorways where lots of grit and not just water ends up on your visor?

I think my Turbo Visor only 39/6d bought in 1964 is at least as good as that, and more stylish.. what!

Realisticly and good is my Bob Heath Visor wipe, excellent! But I would like to give one a go as a test.

Whooaaa there! Just back up a little there VD. This isn't even a product yet, this is a fund raising campaign not a product launch. Not only that but they tried to do this on indiegogo and even they don't like it - which says a lot. So now they've skipped to another fundraising platform that must have fewer ethics than indiegogo - something I thought impossible..   Also note: Adam Aarons is managing the funds for this campaign. The campaign is for a personal cause.  A personal cause? No, it's a business cause. Additionally, note that they get to keep your money, regardless of product delivery. Keep it all campaignThe campaign keeps the money raised regardless of the amount or how long it takes. Do yourselves a favour, pretend this VD article was never posted and wait until the product actually exists.  

Best laugh I've had in at least ten minutes.

Umm, really, RainX and anything above 20mph works great and has for the last 30 years

Sing along now

"Bah, bah black sheep..."

Sorry, couldn't think if any other `fleecing` jokes...

Damn, Badger got there first.

Yes, this has been kicking around for years, taking in money without apparently actually creating a product. If one existed, then you'd be running a road test article rather than just repeating the marketing.

However, if you've got any computer generated rain that you need added to or removed from a camera placed inside your helmet, then they're definitely the chaps to go to.

I nearly fell off my chair watching the 'demonstration', the rain disappears before the 'wiper' gets to it!

I like the idea, just wouldn't be caught dead in public with one on. And it's questionable how well this would work at speed or with muck off the road.

Slow news day? Is it me or is Visordown losing what it had? I don't find myself visiting as often or as long as I used to. Is it me or Visordown?

Shame it doesn't exist yet, I'd give it a go.

If you build it we will come...

...and take the piss out of your useless tat.

Union Jack fantasy wiper?

It'll appeal to Kippers.

Thinking more about it, it's shaped nicely to fit down the back of your trousers...
ooh, rubber-on-sphincter action...

(watch what that does to the Google search...)

A visor with the proper water repelling solution on it will give you a good 1h+ of riding in heavy raid with fairly clear vision.

A bottle of water repelling whatever is in the £5 range. Many uses.

Let's not forget the left hand, your natural "wiper". No batteries needed.

When this product beats the above it may have a market.

Ah, the motorcycle hipster survival kit:

1: Beard comb - hair should be scruffy and unkempt, but a misbehaving beard ?
Never, sir.
2: Plastic straw - for sucking the rain water out of the turnups
3: Reflective cover for the inevitable shoulder bag.
It reads: "No, I'm not your fucking postman"
4: Bumper sticker:
" I'd rather be on my Ducati than in this Ducato..."

All of these have far more practical uses than this piece of shit. Sorry, Freudian slip... `kit`

For those posting about RainX it's not meant for plastic. That said, if I'm in the city and not going fast enough I just open my visor, if I'm on the highway, then with a clean visor the rain just evacuates as I ride. Worse case scenario I wipe the visor with my glove how hard is that compared to carrying this thing around :)

I've used standard RainX on Marushin, Nitro and VCan visors without any problems. Try not to be such a fanny.

I've got a pair of cheap Oxford bone dry gloves that have some kind of wiper like material that runs from my thumb up to my finger tip. Gloves are crap but that feature works perfect. Just have to wipe the visor every now and again and good to go. Simple and free

Is this a negativity contest site?

Comments posted to Rainpal from the public:

Tom Parker (via email) "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea, and with it being so cheap who could say no. Im sure me and my fellow club members would be interested. Any discount for bulk buying at all?

Joakim Lindeborg "That invention will revolutionise the world"

Pete Dolphin "At long last. Brilliant"

Mikael Buzare "Simply brillant, go ahead. So tired to wipe my screen with my gloves"

Mike O'Donovan "this is a brilliant invention, definitely need one of them, i ride in Ireland where we get summer for 15 mins each year, the rest is just rain, it`ll make commuting so much safer, how soon can i expect delivery?"

Mick McEvoy Hi, I live in Scotland the wettest part of the UK make one with a Saltire and I will be your head salesperson. I love it

John Hargrave "Email sent ...wNt one so bad ...brilliant ...about time"

Juan Rivera "BAM!!!111 I want one""

Chris Sixsmith "whens the launch?"

BJ Wrigley "Great idea"

Jason Hardman "Amazing idea want one"

David Ames " I belong to CMA ( Christian Motorcyclists Association ) We are world wide and I can just imagine How many of these you could sell just by word of mouth and show and tell among us"

Rudy Tierens "die heeft een gat in de markt gevonden goed produkt "Who has a hole in the market found great product"

Jenny Stickells "About time some one came up with this well done"

Michal Majkel "Need you in the UK"

Wouter Agsteribbe "Great idea!
Rain on the visor is bad for vision, true. The wiper will help against that. Neat!"

Every rider should have the right if they choose to have near perfect vision in the rain.

Rainpal provides more safety than any other visor accessory, crystal clear vision in the rain and will ship globally.

Always future tense with Rainpal, isn't it?

Show us an actual working model, not more CGI and promises.

@rogerborg just read your comments regarding this and actually laughed out loud in the office. Thanks for the laughs not for the potential disciplinary for skiving..

Funny how only +ve comments are quotes on their website yet -ve ones or critisism are removed.
Based upon info they posted, I measured 5 lids and the product wont fit (2 Shoei, 1 Arai and 2 Roof) and I certainly wont order until a working model has been produced, extensively field tested and proven.

As for the clain "suction cups hold the rainpal secure to your visor at up to 25kmh, 15mph, come on guys, who travels in rain at that speed?
Dont know about you lot but I can travel a darn sight faster than that in rain and I for some reason dont have a problem with rain obsuring my vision.

So "Is the Rainpal the ultimate a cesory for british riders"

No, total waste of time and money

SeanS how can you measure helmets when you don't have a Rainpal? You speak utter rubbish. Rainpal cannot detach at all when the visor is closed as the inner suction cups cannot be pulled through and if riders need to open the visor which in the rain is unlikely but possible if they have misting maybe a tilt to remove any misting then they can do so at low speeds as the suction cups will provide grip. The clips are 1mm thin so the air and rain seal of the visor is maintained. It is about time someone did something for motorcycle riders why are you just being so negative? Some might say you are on a bitter/hate post I just think you need to read the website Rainpal's Facebook posts now have around 1,000,000 views sure 1m views since the 7th January 2016. Rainpal The Road Ahead Is Clear - Rainpals are being offered at a 50% discount for Crowdfunding.

Clearly you are sleaking on behalf of RainPal.
Interesting that while you only post +ve comments on your facebook page, you have no control on this page.
Interesting how many responces on this page are negative. I look forward to seeing what the responce is after the Motorcycle News article.
I'm only speaking from facts described on your page describing your product and can assure you that on each of my lids there would be insufficient space between the top of the inside of the visor and the seal on the lid for the clips.
This would likely result in either;
a) the visor failing to close fully, resulting in rain ingress along the top and lower edges.
b) in closing the visor the integrity of the existing seal being compromised, resulting in water ingress.
c) closing the visor, forcing the rainpal of the visor lip, resulting in loss of the device.

As an experienced mechanical engineer from the description and CAD imagery I can only relate to how I feel and from measuring my helmets, I think point C is likely the result.

Though as you say, you will have a working prototype soon, Im sure if the extensive tests prove positive then, Im sure you will have some success. Though personally I do not believe such a device is necessary.

We are now moving towards a very strong adhesive strip attachment system (like No Nails adhesive strength) where the adhesive strip with a mounting plate for Rainpal would remain with upper vision being hardly affected as about 1cm of visor sits above the viewing aperture so Rainpal will only take up 0.3 to 0.5 cm. You can then clip/screw on Rainpal when it rains. Too easy! The adhesive strip and mount can be removed with heat for example with a hair dryer.

We did not approach investors but investors have been approached us so the future looks certain for Rainpal even if we do not reach target but after the prototype is working and can be demonstrated the sales should increase rapidly as many people have said they will order Rainpal when the prototype is made and tested and a video shown of it working.

That would seem a better idea Adam.
I couldnt get to see how the clips could work with the small gap on my visors.
Please consider though the aerodynamic flow and any lift/drag that may be caused by the underside of the lower edge overhang of the rainpal.
Last thing I would want would be a) pooling of the water droplets on the underside caught in a lamina flow and b) the visor lifted as a consequence of drag, causing the visor to flip open at speed.
Happily provide extensive independent field test and constructive feedback in full on UK rain, as I ride in all weather conditions.

Rainpal is now also available at

We have improved our website at and now have over 135 orders for Rainpal.

@ Screaming Badger and everyone else who are much more positive than Screaming Badger

In relation to Indiegogo I cannot answer as they never gave us an answer why we are under review despite several requests. I can tell you that no investor lost a single penny, not one all received full refunds.

Fundrazr has an instant messaging facility and a much faster support response than Indiegogo in our experience, Indiegogo have no personal contact with customers except via email. Why? There is no way to contact Indiegogo except via their website, no telephone number, no instant messaging and they have auto responders for mails that do not answer questions asked and often take days to reply. I have recently asked them to give me an answer and cancel the campaign. I just receive auto responder replies. They cannot be very certain of their answer to not have the courtesy to provide one and Rainpal is a genuine campaign.
In relation to myself I have had the same Facebook profile for years at I am using the same Paypal account that we used for Indiegogo which again I have had for years and Paypal have said I am in Paypal’s top 10% of their customers. As you can see over 140 orders have been placed via Paypal for the Fundrazr campaign. I spent my early career in investment banking in London as a trader and then over 20 years recruiting for the investment banks where I am very well known having personally placed very senior investment bankers in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore and Hong Kong including the second youngest ever Managing Director for Merrill Lynch in London. I have owned a house in my name for 19 years in the UK. I would have to be a stupid scammer as my friends are on Facebook, there are not many large investment banks and my house is public record at the Land Registry. Screaming Badger perhaps you need to be a little less negative about people trying to be creative and more realistic you sound a bitter soul. Rainpal The Road Ahead Is Clear now taking orders at

How interesting, the MCN article on RainPal has been pulled: I wonder if AdamAAA (presumably Adam Aarons) would care to comment on why.  Or is that sub judice? Pity, because it contained a statement from Adam that he "expects" to have a working device in about 4 weeks.  I look forward to reading positive reviews of a device that actually exists, although I'm rather confused as to how Adam can have "tested" the device that he's offering for sale if it doesn't exist yet. I'm also interested in the practice of describing donations as "orders".  Rainpal "orders" are done via FundRazr where you "contribute" without - so far as I can see - a contract to deliver anything.  FundRazr seems to be set up for sunk donations, to "raise money for causes close to [your supporters'] heart". Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "order" usually imply a contract rather than a "cause"?  I don't see any prominent notice that "orders" are conditional on hitting a contribution target, or any indication of what happens to the "orders" if that target isn't met. I wish Adam the best of luck, but I feel that he'd have more of that if he'd waited until he could have shown a working device before embarking on a marketing campaign that will inevitably attract scepticism.

And at 15% of funds from the £97k target needed, think it could be some time before the product is available. I think those that have invested may be waiting some time.

"Invested"?  Again, as far as I can see, FundRazr is for making donations to a cause. The IndieGoGo funding ended as "under review by the Trust & Safety team".


Rainpal no longer uses clips and has an optional water spray for the safety conscious rider

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