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Talkback: Honda City Adventure – the production version

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Talkback: Honda City Adventure – the production version

Sexy, ground clerance sucks though.

At £6K there is no way I would not buy one. At £10K there is no way that I would buy one.

C'Mon Honda - volume makes profit.

The question is if you are after that type of bike then why wouldn't you just buy the nc750? From what I can make out this doesn't seem to have any benefits over the nc and yet may be 4k more expensive?

Why would you buy this over an NC750S with more storage and a better ride? [UPDATE - pipped to the post!]

Because it looks "cooler"?

Yep there are plenty of people who woukd buy a bike for looks/style.


It's an off-roader with no off road capability
It's a scooter, with no real storage capacity
It's a tourer, with a small tank and chain final drive
It's a commuter with no storage space, chain final drive and a likely circa £10K price tag.

Honda have really, truly, definitely lost the plot.

If it was £6k or thereabouts that would provide a margin for user customisation to suit at least some of those requirements; but at over £9k and meeting NONE..?


For that money you can buy BOTH a maxi scooter AND an off-roader or a used tourer.

Clearly not suitable for the easily confused but potentially very useful. Most bikes are overpriced and need 'accessorising' for practicality.

It's the scooter version of the F35. Promising the potential to do everything but lacking the ability to do anything.

How is it `useful`..? You can't store anything in it, not even the chain lube you have to carry with you because of the crap design choices. Weather protection is far less than a `proper` commuter scooter, particularly in the `fling` from the rear wheel due to inadequate mudguard Fuel tank range isn't optimised, price ain't low enough for mass-market appeal. It's not merely in need of `optimising` it's practically use-LESS as sold. At over nine grand! As noted, the NC750X does a better job at everything, for a LOT less money - and an established accessorising network which means you can spend your own money and STILL come out less than the cost of this abortion, straight off the showroom floor. As with too many recent Honda models , it's got all the appeal of the VFR1200...

> NC750X

NC750S. The X costs £500 more for an apologetic beak, a screen that costs under £100 aftermarket, and a few mm of suspension travel, if that.

Also, the NC range is starting to look quite costy compared to the MT-07 / new SV650. They're still chain drives, they're lardy and wheezy, and the only real difference is that tank storage versus a top box. Honda may be milking too many golden eggs out of that goose.

True, but I was comparing like for like - the looks-like-an-offroader `X` with DCT can be made into a reasonable adventure bike and better commuter and tourer for a hell of a lot less than this pile of crap costs off the showroom floor.

I'm sure Honda will sell at least a handful of ADV's to suckers for styling who can't handle Ducati Scramblers but generally, apologetic styling needs to be matched to a price point they don't need to apologise for....

Extremely upright, feet forward sitting position might win some scooter types over. Unexciting engine is the Achilles heel of the series IMO.

When i look at bike I will go in Bmw,Ducati.MV ,Guzzi,Suzuki,Kwak and Yamahammer and KTM showrooms but never bother with honda anymore

I'm sure Honda will sell quite a few of these - more so on the continent where I can see this selling well in city area to the trendy Hipsters (as they seem to be called these days).

I bet it's about 20kg heavier even that the new Africa Twin.

Maybe people would opt for the cheaper BMW 650....

Sorry can't type anymore, laughing too much!

Put a Deliveroo badge on it and send it to work....

I bet this bike will still have traits of the Honda Integra, as the Integra offers panniers to compensate the lackluster of underseat storage so not all is lost.

Oh dear god - please take my eyes! I can't unsee this, I want to unsee it, but I can't!

I don't understand why any of the NC series cost so much, especially the "Integra".

Yeah, it's a cheap steel frame, part of a family of identical powered and built machines specifically to offer economies of scale. No clever features other than the DCT drive system and a mode selector. It's a basic ABS system no matter the model.
I'd expect a £1,000 premium over the CB500X but the list for the Integra is currently £8,149 (only with DCT), the CB500X £5,449 (gears only); (CB750X £ 6,899 with DCT).

Based on those, the ADV should go out the door at £6,499. At most same price as the `X`, never mind the Integra with a ridiculous, nonsensical and unjustifiable premium over the NC750S DCT - £6,649.

And as for panniers, the official Honda panniers are £325, plus £175 for the mounts. Topbox is £230 = £80 for the carrier. £800+ ON TOP of the basic price to add the luggage capacity that should be there as standard - it's a scooter fer crissakes?

Think not....

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