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Talkback: Booby trap bike alarm

I can think of far better places to position it than on the footrest.

How about on the seat, around the scrotal region...

And how about replacing it with a grenade?

(Yes I know, another one of those bloodthirsty Visordown readers.)

Sounds like a potentially very stupid idea, and I'd be surprised if it got past 'elfun safety. If the thief is semi on the ball, he'll be wearing a lid, and the noise dampened - no scare there. Suffice to say.....I'm out!

If you have to strap an explosive device to your goods to stop them from being stolen...

I'd buy a load of these just to fuck with my mates when they go to get on their bike :D

Did this years ago with an alarm mine from Henry Kranks in Pudsey. Yawn.....

I load my own if you want any 'specials' and heres a good reason why, thief nicks car tells police where he lives and they're not even going to investigate??? vigilantes are ever nearer.    

Some idiots are selling the same idea for bicycles.
Kickstarter is the commercialization of stupid.

Anything that stops/disables

potential bike thief scum should be welcomed.

I especially like the sound of oldboy54 "Specials"

They already sell these poacher traps for £15, just without the velcro straps.

Poacher alarm, not poacher trap :-D

shame it doesn't blow legs off ,would be satisfying to find half a thief laying next to my bike

Yes, concept is about half way there. Just needs a bear trap to finish the job after the thieving bastard has had his kecks filled by a loud noise - the concept actually being to remove hands or feet.

Then it doesn't matter of the police fail to attend, only whether the ambulance is late or not. And you have a defence in law - it's to trap foxes. And if the bleeder bleeds out. Tough shit.

Erm, it's strapped on with velcro. That'll bamboozle the thieves.

I would use live cartridges but it might damage the bike!

Brilliant. And I like Motsew's comment

You could get around any 'fox traps' with clear warning signs on your property. Farmer next to me has been using them for years and has caught all sorts of things in them, foxes, wabbits, poachers (yep!), sheep theives! Never got prosecuted because he had clear signs that were lit up at night.

Maybe on a farm it's different, but if you do anything to harm a member of the public (even if that member of the public is trying to steal your bike at the time) you will be prosecuted.

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