jacket potato buisness for sale

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jacket potato buisness for sale

Mobile van
suzuki carry 1.3 with 56000 miles on the clock 2001 model, with over £400 spent on tyres, battery, ecu, and leads.well looked after,modified to sell jacket potatoes on markets/fairs and car boots.
list is as follows
1 jacket potato oven/does 30 per hour
2 3 pot bain marie
3 8 litre water boiler
4 microwave
5 3 various cool boxes for cans, chocolate and such
6 petrol generator, to power all electrical goods

and all manner of boxes,knives and forks and stock

ive owned this for over 7 months and made enough over winter to put a large amount down on a new bike

i sell potatos for £1.80 plain and up to £2.50 for 2 toppings.i buy 40 potatoes for £6 and fillings are as little as 7p per tattie
in total each tattie costs me to sell around 35p upwards to 65p (inc fuel to cook and to get to each event) so there is alot of money to be had
selling tea and coffee is a real winner to with each tea costing 7p and i sell em for 55p and coffee at 70p and believe me they sell
the van is in very good condition and is very economical too getting around 40 mpg and thats full loaded.
also there is a new element been fitted to the oven to give years more use.
My last job i did myself was for a walking group, and i made over £250 PROFIT!!!for a 9am start to 3pm

the van has been modified to an excellent standard and you should have a good return for your investment in a short while if you put the effort in..

i am looking for offers of around £3500 and you can come and look at it anytime which suits both parties

i now have photos and will upload them shortly

but i cant upload em

Your box is full mate (ooer) could you email them?

sent em by email mate, give me a ring if your interested

deleted some messages so all is go

heres a link for a jacket oven like mine thats just sold on ebay... over £500 i think it went for..cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=006&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=160100602456&rd=1&rd=1

still for sale

sold!!!!!!!! i hope

Well, the buisness is back up for sale, As described above but with knobs on! Still under 60k miles (where I go is only down the road)I have added -a 12v hot handwash -Massive 6kva generator (800quid with receipt)-3 x customer tables-New oven element-Modified rear with fold down counter-Sign written with vinyl  This is a great buisness, and as it doesn't require towing and is easy to drive is perfect for your missus or other half to do!  I work it only 1 day a week (Sunday morning) at a car boot, and it payed for itself within 5 months, I have bought a larger trailer now, and while it can cook more potatoes at once I have kind of shot myself in the foot a little cos our lass wont tow it so have to do all the work! lol   On a good day morning at the car boot I can do £300+ and on a shitty day never less than £120, not bad tom say I'd only be ligging in bed otherwise, best bit is I'm home for just after midday and can still ride the bike   Looking for the same as I paid, which I think is a bargain.

Rich, this seems like a nice little business, just a couple of questions:Is this easy to do, i.e. is the cooking more or less idiot proof?Are your good and shitty figures profit or turnover?CheersJerry

Jerry that is a good point, they are profit figures. After I have taken off all my expenses including my pitch money (£25 where I go)The good thing about this van is that I got on a very busy boot sale that already had it's full quota of catering trailers... I would not have got on initially with a trailer, but got my foot in the door so to speak as it's small and innofensive (the van..lol) The cooking is very easy, I use Moores potatoes, now these aren't the cheapest but are by far the best. They come washed and are graded so they are all the same size.The toppings are very easy to do, nothing needs prepairing as it is nearly all tinned.I keep beans, chilli and curry warm in the bain marie (3 most popular hot toppings) and if someone wants another like veg or beef curry you bang it in the microwave for a minute. Cheese I buy ready grated, which costs a few pence more but saves been sat in sat grating a block in front of the telly. The only thing that you need to prep is to mix a tub of tuna mayo, it really is that simple. Takes literally 10 mins to do on Sat aft.Cooking wise, the electric ovens IMO cook better than LPG. By that I mean it's far easier to cook them nicely everytime. The LPG oven in my new trailer will cremate if not watched carefully. The electric oven in this van is simplicity itself. Get tattie out of boxPierce few times with scewerBrush on a little olive oil (makes em nice and brown)Chuck in ovenAfter about half hour, turn tatties over Then after half hour more they're done (if your not sure check by sticking a sharp knife in, if it goes in and comes out easily, it's done)It really is that simple.Place in illuminated warming compartment at top of oven, serve as needed, split em, slap some butter in, sling on topping

Oh and van now has Sony CD player head unit too.

Do you have to have the basic food hygiene certificate or is that voluntary, do you need any compulsory training in order to sell food to the public

why do you want to jacket in?

Very good, I'm not jacking in, just moving to bigger premises.....r.e. the hygiene cert.. Yes, I would advise it, we did, not hard, we then registered with the council. You have to tell them what you are doing and where you prepare it.. They have never been out to visit us, I put it down to us not really having to prepare much... None of the ingredients are particularly short dated, with the exception of maybe coleslaw.On another note I will point out that nobody has ever checked for or asked us for any proof of certification.But hey, I guess the council still got their money, read into that what you will

How many tats does the oven cook at once? before they can be placed in the for sale(warming compartment).  Do you also need buisness insurance for van,and liabilty ins,for the site your working??  Just trying to gauge whats needed to get off the ground,as it would be an ideal oppurtunity,but also need a bit of bottle my end to get the thing going,in terms of own business.cheers

Thats all it takes mate, a little leap of faith is all it takes. To be honest you could quite easily do this sort of catering as a full time job and many do.To answer your question the insurance for the van was £300 quid for me (29, 6 points) and our lass. It wasn't anymore than it would have been if insured as a private van.Public liability to cover you for up to 5 million quid (min you need) is just over £100 a year.If you could find a good Saturday spot (local footy ground etc..) you could quite easily make a week's wage over a weekend.Your not going to find a cheaper, lower risk buisness opp IMO

Where abouts are you based in the UK?

Click on my name and magically it shall appear

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this isnt really a business just a collection of potential business assets...yes you are bigging it up to be something it isnt...   

Whatever it is it's hopefully sold

Hi there, i am very interested in the van can you contact me some how.rt67@btinternet.comthanks very muchRT

Just seen your reply, only a year and a bit late dude!

hi mate i am very interested in the bussnes please could you send me email with pictures many thanks danny

Hi is the van still for sale? I'm very interested Lisa

What a thread.

What a thread.

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