FREE to join UK motorcycle club

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FREE to join UK motorcycle club

look at

it is FREE and you can save FREE legal advice, discount on RAC and good insurance & finance deals

if you don't like it - tell them, they agreed to put more news and links in when I told them - mind you they haven't yet!

MorningPint of Stella ta:burp:

I'm ignoring you until you get the beers in

Caffreys, ta.VD is free to join too, you know

Beer beer beerb beer beer beer beer .................... VD is free, free as a bird to fly away over the treetops ...... I've lost it right?

How much is the advertising on Visordown?

Can I suggest you try to get discounts with a recovery service that gives a little more than a flying fuck about bikes?

'Free'Great word, especially for suspicious people like me.How will this club fund itself?Who are the organisers?What will they do with all this info. we provide?Answers on a beer mat stuck to a pint jar of Caffreys, please . . .

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