[For Sale] Plank of wood

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[For Sale] Plank of wood

nice quality plank off floorboard.best offer secures

Surely you mean - nice quality plank off floorboard. No9 BZP woodscrews secures.

Give me 50 quid and I'll take it off your hands, obviously plus expenses as I dont know where you are. And VAT. And call out charge.

last seen floating down the thames!

I think we have a buyer.

i aint fishing it out the thames tho...

TWPD (not verified)

You might laugh but back in the 80's Kawasaki used to sell a varnished plank of wood for one of their bikes - can't remember what bike it was but there was a kosher part number for it too.

i'll swap you for a bit of 4" be 2"

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