[for sale] A couple of hifi amps...

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[for sale] A couple of hifi amps...

First.... a Cambridge Audio A4. A totally-decent and very well reviewed basic integrated stereo job with plenty inputs and bi-wire speaker terminals etc.etc., and power enuff to make your ears bleed. Maybe 2yrs old and perfect nick. £35 plus any carriage.

Second.... A Marantz PM75. This bessie is a quality heavy integrated audiophile MOSFET job with on-board DAC (connect via your CD etc digital out...co-ax or fibre optic). Also usual line inputs, A+B speaker outs, source direct, motorised volume, remote etc etc. £175 plus the carriage (and that may be a few quid 'cos this thing weighs a bit). Only selling this as I've acquired a class-A valve jobbie:smoke:

Ok, Marantz has now gone to a loving new home... I'll now take £25 for the Cambridge just so Ben can claim these ads move stuff:burp:

I was tempted by the CA stuff when you first posted. As I'd like to build a separates kit up - but I don't have the funds.Tempting though but an amp is sod all use with nowt else!

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