Converted crapavan

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Converted crapavan

Ideal for club racing or trackday transport

17ft ish Lunar Delta van ( alloy chassis version)
easily accomodate 2 cbr600 sized bikes
twin axle
sleeps 4
working heater,stove sink etc etc
Comes with gas bottle
12\240V electrics with hook up cable
Side roller shutter door
Loo replaced with storage for leathers,lids,spares

Not mint but presentable and sound ( Has had damp in roof at some time and a few parking bruises)

£350 ovno

may swap\px for 2\3 bike trailer

Pictures on request

Can you send me some pics? Sounds like quite a handy device How far Northish are you?

Be aware that you MAY be exceeding the maximum permitted weight of the caravan by loading one bike inside it let alone two!!!Overloading is a serious offence

Oi just wanted something to move some sheep about in relative comfort Seriously tho, what sort of payload are caravans designed for? twin axles should make it a bit tougher?

depends on the caravan TBH they will have a max weight stamped or on a sticker somewhere with hopefully a unladen weight as well Unladen weight is the weight of the caravan with none of the "removable" items like gas bottle , steps, cooking stuff, awning etc etcMax weight or MTPLM is the maximum weight you can go up to with the above items fittedWith modern caravans which are in the most part heavier that the 1980's ones you typically get about 250kgs of personal items you can load. Yes some of the twin axles can take more but rarely more than 350kgs even the big 8 metre jobs.a solution is to strip weight out of the unladen caravan like removal of the cooker and sink etc etc , this can gain you the extra capacity you need

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