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Top 10 oldest bikes still on the road

Ever seen one of these prowling your local streets?

5: 1938 Triumph Tiger

There are actually no fewer than four 1938 Triumph Tigers recorded as licensed by the DVLA, although it the officially-released documents don’t show whether they’re the 250cc ‘70’, 350cc ‘80’ or 500cc ‘90’ models. All were launched in 1937, but ceased production just two years later in 1939 at the outbreak of WW2.

4: 1934 Enfield Bullet 500

We’ve already had the 350cc version of the Bullet on this list, but the bigger 500cc model that remains in use is a much older 1934 machine, dating back to just a couple of years after the bike was launched.

3: 1929 Raleigh Model 15

Raleigh is a name that you’re more likely to associate with pushbikes than motorcycles, but the firm actually started churning out powered two wheelers back in 1903 (and at least one from that first year remains on the road now, although it doesn’t make this list as the DVLA records show that its model details are missing). The 1929 Model 15 listed here was a 250cc single, first introduced in 1925.

2: 1925 Indian Chief

Indians make up a surprisingly large number of the oldest bikes listed on the DVLA’s records as remaining in use at the moment, and the oldest example of the firm’s Chief to be specifically named in the records is a 1925 model. The fact that so many Indian’s are more carefully titled by the DVLA could be a result of them being more recent imports, while bikes that have been in the UK since new are more likely to fall into the ‘Unknown Model’ category (and hence missing out on this list).

1: 1924 Indian Scout

Indian’s Scout predates the Chief. It first appeared back in 1920 and remained on sale until 1949, but the oldest one listed as being on the road in the UK is a 1924 example. There are also two 1925 versions, two from 1926, two more from 1927 and one from 1928 on the DVLA’s books. The 1924 model that’s the oldest specific model named on the DVLA records as remaining on the road today is a first-generation machine with a 610cc V-twin, made before they were upped to 740cc in 1927.

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