Top 10 new bikes at Intermot

Which 2019 models caught our eye at the first big show of the year?


8: Triumph Street Twin and Street Scrambler

We’re wrapping these two together because their updates are identical and both machines will benefit just as much from them. While the KTM mentioned above didn’t really need the extra power for 2019, the Triumphs definitely benefit from their 18% performance boost, adding around 9hp to jump from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties.  We’re not going to moan about the switch from Nissin two-pots to Brembo four-pot calipers, either. Together, these updates should be far more transformative than they appear on paper.


7: Kawasaki Ninja 125 and Z125

Another two bikes we’re counting as one, because apart from their riding positions and styling, they’re identical machines. Are the Ninja 125 and Z125 really new? Well, yes and no. Yes, because it’s been years since Kawasaki offered anything of interest in the 125cc learner segment, and that’s exactly where these bikes fall. No, because apart from the 125cc engine the two bikes are near-identical to the Ninja 250SL and Z250SL singles that have been in Kawasaki’s line for a few years now. But if you’ve got an L-plate, these have got to be worth a look in 2019.