Top 10 MotoGP-legal helmets

Gotta have one to be like the stars

Scorpion EXO-R1

Expected to be worn by Fabio Quartararo this year as he makes his step up to the top tier of MotoGP in the new Yamaha Petronas team, Scorpion’s EXO-R1 is one of the less famous names to be found on the grid. Nonetheless, it’s passed the FIM tests and is awaiting full homologation. Something between £280 and £360 will bag you a road-going one, depending on colour and where you buy it.

Status: test passed, homologation pending

Shoei X-Fourteen

You’d expect a top-of-the-range Shoei to pass the FIM test, and of course the X-Fourteen does exactly that – although at the time of writing its full homologation is still pending. With a chap going by the name Marquez wearing the brand, you might have heard of him, it’s pretty important that it gets it.

Status: test passed, homologation pending

Kabuto RT-33

Thus we reach the first of the fully-homologated helmets on our list, the Kabuto RT-33. Oddly, perhaps, the RT-33 is only a four-star helmet on the SHARP test, but passes the FIM criteria. It’s not a comparison we can make for every lid on the list, as SHARP hasn’t tried them all yet.

Status: test passed, homologation awarded

AGV Pista GP R

It’s one of the most popular helmets on the MotoGP grid, with riders including a certain Valentino Rossion its roster, so AGV will have been understandably concerned to make sure it passed the FIM tests. And of course it did. The Pista GP R is also a five-star SHARP lid, so it’s not a bad choice even if your skills aren’t quite up to Rossi’s levels.

Status: test passed, homologation awarded

Bell Pro Star ECE

The ‘ECE’ bit suggests that Bell put its European standards approved version of the Pro Star through the FIM testing, and it clearly passed with flying colours. A road-going equivalent will set you back about £600, but at the moment there’s nobody in top-tier MotoGP competition known to be wearing the Pro Star in 2019.

Status: test passed, homologation awarded

Shark Race R Pro GP

Jorge Lorenzo’s favoured brand, the Shark Race R Pro GP (can you think of a name that tries harder to hammer home its racing intent?) is another to have full FIM homologation already. Even lowlier versions of the Race R get five star SHARP ratings, so the Race R Pro (shop around and you might find one for less than £300) isn’t a huge step down from the MotoGP-legal ‘GP’ model, which costs nearer three times that much.

Status: test passed, homologation awarded

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