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Top 10 European electric motorcycle markets

We take a look into the biggest EU markets for electric motorcycles

5: Germany: 620 registrations

Germany’s 620 electric motorcycle registrations might be close to double Austria’s total, but the market is immensely bigger, with a total of 156,108 bikes sold there. That brings the percentage down to a mere 0.4% of the market – still twice the UK’s ratio of electric-to-petrol bikes, but well below the European average.

4: Italy: 622 registrations

Italy is another of those hard-core motorcycle markets, similar to Germany and the UK, where electric bikes aren’t making a big dent despite large overall numbers of motorcycles being sold. With a bike market of 219,694 in 2019, the electrics made up only 0.28% of the total.

3: Netherlands: 809 registrations

The Netherlands might be more associated with bicycles than motorcycles, but there’s a fast-growing acceptance of electric motorcycles over there. The 809 registrations represent a massive 5.82% of the total 13,891 bikes sold. And that’s not including the additional 7738 electric mopeds sold there.

2: France: 1526 registrations

France is another of the huge motorcycle markets, with 177,460 bikes sold in 2018, so the 1526 electric models registered only account for 0.86% of the total – just above the 0.75% EU average. However there were also 10,381 electric mopeds sold there, and the electric bike sales are steadily growing.

1: Spain: 2970 registrations

With electric bikes making up 1.86% of its total bike market of 159,946 registrations, Spain is well ahead of the average for Europe. It’s also growing faster than most, with an increase of more than 150% in electric bike sales in 2018 compared to 2017. Meanwhile there were an additional 3452 electric mopeds sold there, accounting for 21.48% of Spain’s total 16,073 moped market.

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