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Top 10 Biggest production bikes

Triumph's Rocket III is just around the corner and we love a big bike at Visordown. So, here is our top ten.

5: Kawasaki Vulcan 2000: 2053cc

Although it’s now deceased, the Kawasaki Vulcan was the biggest purpose-made V-twin bike engine in mass production. Offered in various forms between 2004 and 2010, it was good for around 113bhp and huge globs of low-revving torque. It was developed as part of a brief capacity battle between Japanese cruiser makers, coming in response to the 1800cc Suzuki Intruder, Honda VTX1800 and Yamaha XV1700. Since then, though, Japanese firms have almost entirely deserted the V-twin cruiser market.

4: Triumph Rocket III: 2294cc

When it was first developed, the Rocket III was set to be 2000cc, three-cylinder cruiser, but as rival machines got ever larger the firm made the late decision to pump it up to 2294cc and stake a claim as the largest purpose-made motorcycle engine ever built. Whether it deserves that plaudit is in question, though, which is why it’s only fourth in this list. Read on to see why.

3: Polaris Slingshot: 2384cc

Like the Morgan 3-Wheeler, the Polaris is a machine that straddles the line between motorcycle and car. Polaris describes it as a three wheeled motorcycle, so who are we to argue? Its engine is definitely from a car, though. The 2384cc motor is a General Motors Ecotec normally found in various Chevrolets. So it doesn’t harm the Triumph Rocket’s claim to the biggest purpose-made production bike engine.

2: Viper Diamondback, Mamba and 152: 2475cc and 2488cc

Who remembers Viper Motorcyles? Anyone? No? Ok. Viper was a short-lived American firm that, between 2009 and 2013, offered three chopper models – the Viper 152, Diamondback and Viper – all built around a massive V-twin. Early versions were 2475cc, later ones reached 2488cc, and these are the bikes that arguably knocked the Rocket’s claim to have the largest purpose-made production bike engines. Unlike the usual S&S-powered custom bikes, the Vipers used an engine that started life in the UK, being developed by Al Melling – the man who was behind the infamous Norton Nemesis V8. The engine was initially intended for Indian, was later planned to appear in a bike bearing Melling’s own name and eventually found its way to Viper. Not many were built, but it was fully certified and emissions-compliant in America, and clearly a purpose-made bike engine.

1: Boss Hoss: 5735cc, 6162cc and 6276cc

Yeah, there have been other V8-engined bikes, but Boss Hoss is the firm that really made the idea of sticking the biggest possible car engine into a bike fly. Its various bikes and trikes have come with a variety of Chevrolet V8s over the years, tied to a 2-speed auto box, and the current range includes a massive 6.3 litre offering (the 430hp, 450lb-ft ‘383 Stroker’) as well as a standard 445hp, 445lb-ft 6.2 litre model. Not a purpose-made bike engine by any means, but surely the biggest-engined production bike out there.

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