Top 10 best sellers of 2018 so far

Figures for the first half of 2018 have been counted, here are the winners

5: Kawasaki ZX1000WJF (Z1000SX) – 601 registered

The last ‘proper’ motorcycle to make the list is Kawasaki’s best seller, the Z1000SX. It’s one of those quietly competent machines that ticks a lot of all-rounder boxes, and that’s clearly paying off for Kawasaki. Interestingly, the supercharged Ninja H2 SX, which applies a similar formula but with a huge amount of extra power, is also doing pretty well, with more than 270 sold in the first six months – mainly in higher-spec ‘SE’ form.

4: Honda WW125 EX2-H (PCX125) – 859 registered

We’re into a bunch of scooters and 125s as we get to the UK’s top four sellers in the first half of this year. The Honda PCX125 can be relied upon to make virtually any best-seller list, and it does it again this year with its fourth place and 859 registrations.

3: Honda NSC110 MPDH (Vision 110) – 878 registered

Honda’s Vision is another of those worthy-but-dull scooters that makes a compelling argument for itself by combining affordability and capability. Yes, there’s more than a whiff of blue rinse to its style – next stop for many owners is a mobility scooter – but it’s cheap to buy, cheap to run and endlessly reliable.

2: Honda GLR125 1WH-H (CB125F) – 909 registered

Honda’s CB125F (which is confusingly labelled as GLR125 on the registration document) is another of those training school staples that is forever a strong seller. Second place on this list and more than 900 registrations in six months shows that it’s still attracting plenty of buyers, even if almost every one that’s sold is destined for abuse and drudgery as a learning platform.

1: Yamaha GPD125-A (NMAX 125 ABS) – 928 registered

The £2999 Yamaha NMAX 125 is actually a pretty funky-looking little scooter, and that’s paying off for it in the showrooms. Yamaha launched it in 2015 with the express aim of dislodging the Honda PCX125 from its customary spot as the best-selling 125cc scooter, and from these figures it looks like it’s a case of ‘mission accomplished’.

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