Rideouts: Oxford United!

Route 10. Oxford - Abingdon


Oxford B4044

Stanton Harcourt B4449


Take the B4044 out of Oxford from the South West, near Botley and North Hinksey. Head under the A420 underpass. here is a series of left, right and left corners that can be taken at dead-on legal speeds. Aviate the front wheel over the rise even at sensible speeds then down a long straight. Don't be too daft. Police are watching and when are straights challenging?

Brake into a 40mph zone in Farmoor Village. Go over the roundabout, then back out of the village for half a mile. out of the 40 zone and it's a succession of rights and lefts before you hit a toll bridge (it's free for bikes).

Take the left at the next roundabout - careful as cars and bikes enter this at a helluva lick - then down a three-quarter-mile straight with a tight left at the need. be careful! No more 30mph as this leads into a tighter right with no time to hit the brakes, so you have to gauge the first one cock-on.

Here comes another left-hander - mind the service cover on the exit (when wet it's slippy) - then another slow 90 degree left before you hit the next village.

From the roundabout, go left through Stanton Harcourt then come out of the village on the third left. Al in all it's a nice road to do because you'll find it hard to break the speed limit. And how many great roads are there that you can say that about?

Now head down the straight to a T-junction. Go left at the tight bends and over three bridges - at speed you'll appear on radar miles away at RAF Brize Norton! Then up the hill to the A420 roundabout. from here head to Abingdon Honda for a coffee. Lovely.

Route 11. Redhill to Box Hill

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