Rideouts: Get on the Edge

Route 8. Cheshire


Alderley Edge A535

Holmes Chapel A535

Just of the M6 at Junction 18 there's a mega bit of road awaiting you, the A535. You can try it from J18 and head North from Holmes Chapel, but I do it the other way way.

Start in the middle of Alderley Edge then turn right at the De Trafford Arms. Cops are in abundance down Rileys Lane in summer as it's flat out (for my RS250), so avoid this. Instead, aviate over the humpback bridge and follow the A535.

Here come the corners. Some are tight, some not so, but there's a wonderful dip behind behind which lurks a farm and a blind junction. So be careful. After this is a superb left-hander with great surface and visibility, then a series of left, right, lefts.

You're nearly at Chelford now so go through the sweeping left, under the tunnel and down the straight. Hit the roundabout and head to Holmes Chapel for miles of swifter but less challenging roads.

Route 9. Cat and Fiddle

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