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Sector One: Start/Finish to Sears

Master Sear corner and Coram Curve as Niall gives a guided tour of Snetterton

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Submitted by Niall Mackenzie on Thu, 22/07/2010 - 09:17

Sector One: Start/Finish to Sears

Sector One: Start/Finish to Sears

Passing the start finish in 5th gear you should be heading off as close as you dare to the left side of the track while using the changes of surface or 300/200m boards as braking markers. Riches is a double apex third gear corner with a bump that upsets the front-end so I always begin with a trial and error session finding the smoothest line.

The approach is fast but you only need to brake gently as third gear engine braking will pull you in to the first apex. At this point you should get gently back on the throttle and let yourself drift back into the middle section of the track before pulling back to the second apex on the right. From here you need to think about getting the bike upright and then use a blast of acceleration into Sears. If you find you’re running wide here, discipline yourself to keep the throttle closed longer and square the corner off more. Giving too much gas too early will either have you highsiding or running out of track. If you do this at the wrong time of the year you could quite possibly end up with a fairing full of cabbages. You‘ll have to brake hard while changing back to second gear next but try not to get sucked in too early for this slightly off camber right-hander.

The earlier you turn in to Sears, the wider you’ll be on the exit and that could mean running onto the concrete apron where there’s all kinds of dirt and loose gravel. Turning in later might mean you’re a bit slower at the apex; however you’ll be more upright and able to accelerate earlier and harder.

Exiting Sears on to the Revett straight

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