VIDEO: Motorcyclist falls through railroad track and gets stuck

Then thinks of a brilliant idea to escape

WHEN WE head off-road we expect to find ourselves in a few difficult situations. It's all part of the fun. However, when these two riders set off on their trip, I think it's safe to say they weren't expecting this.

The video shows the moment a panel from a railroad bridge collapsed beneath one of the riders, which resulted in the motorcyclist and his bike falling through the gap and becoming wedged.

Unfortunately the video doesn't show the riders escape but the description did shed some light on how they managed it: "We were able to tie the bike off, then remove the handlebars, and somewhat gently lower it to the ground. Then we put the handlebars back on, and muscled it back up the embankment."

Our favourite moment of the clip has to be the rider's reaction: "I'm holding it all with my balls, get a picture."

Credit: The FLB Club


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