Discuss: Would you rather have cops or cameras?

We asked you, the Visordown reader whether you'd opt for camera or cops on UK roads. Here's what you had to say


"...it's a hard decision, as with less traffic police we are seeing an increase in bad driving that can't be spotted by a camera. On the flipside it's nice to know there aren't any cops around when I want to ride fast. And the other benefit of moving towards automated road policing is that a number-plate alteration means you are immune to the cameras..."
Tony Hathaway

"...I want to see more coppers. The human discretion of an officer is worth a hundred Gatsos. I was done by a camera for 91mph on an empty motorway, and a copper later said that in those traffic conditions, in good weather, on a section with good visibility, he'd have let me off..."
Andy MacAuley

"...more police, any day. They will catch all the mobile phone users, crap drivers, unlicensed drivers, drunk drivers, mad motorcyclists (including those who blast past you in a tunnel at double the speed limit) and red light jumpers! Cameras only see one picture and are quite useless at interpreting a given situation..."
Gordon MacBean

"...the question isn't how to enforce speeding regulations, but whether the focus on speed as a cause of accidents is well founded. I'm not at all sure speeding is the big issue..."
Lionel Sacks

"...we need more cops. Cameras achieve nothing for the general public. They don't function as a deterrent, and they don't resolve problems around accident spots. They should have been abandoned ages ago. Police, on the other hand, are sorely lacking. See the increase in drink-driving as evidence. Speeding never was an issue, bad driving always has been. But police cost more, and don't return the revenues..."
Richard Clegg

"...we need to stop pretending that milking motorists in tax and miscellaneous petty fines will stop global warming or save the planet. We have to return to a less target-driven policing system, where the need to serve the public and maintain their confidence in the police is more important than the need to produce arbitrary safety statistics..."
Des Senior

"...cameras are better. They cannot spot drunk drivers or dangerous drivers, but this is the payoff against a modern traffic police force that only looks for speeding motorists in a country where national limit is disregarded wholesale on motorways..."
Sean Williams

"...over the last 10 years cameras have made absolutely no difference at all to road deaths, which is the primary reason they were introduced in the first place. The annual death toll still hovers between 3,000 - 3,500 per annum, which isn't good..."

"...I'd love to think that all traffic coppers are intelligent, rational people who'll just give you a good talking-to if you're not riding like a total knob. When I'm awake, however, I don't trust them not to lie nor to nick me for being less over the speed limit than the cameras go off at (which is 10% + 3mph where I live.) More traffic coppers on the roads only improves driving standards for those agonizing two minutes when you're passing one at 72mph on the motorway..."
Neil Frow

"...In case you hadn't noticed, these days they have signs warning of their presence, they are almost all in full view and all of them are painted a fetching shade of yellow. They're a piece of piss to spot, and if you get done by them, you deserve all you get. You're telling me you can spot an unmarked car quicker? Horseshit..."
Mick Coulton

"...cops every time. There's nothin' good about speed cameras. And don't give me that guff about
putting them outside schools, I'd rather have drivers paying attention to what's going on around them rather than staring at the speedo to make sure it's under 30 as they drive past my kids..."
Jim Henderson

"...this question is almost impossible to answer, because it depends which perspective you're coming from. From the perspective of wanting rid of drug-fuelled black Saxo chav scum, bring back coppers. From the perspective of when there were traffic bobbies 10 years ago, I used to get my fair share of speeding tickets, so in that case I'll take cameras..."
Martin Hardman

"...give me more cameras, they're easily avoided. I can't be doing with the view that coppers make a significant difference to the amount of bad driving, there's never going to be enough of them. It was only a few years back there were a lot more coppers on the road and I don't think the recent reduction has made much difference at all to driving standards. People behave when they think they're being watched and don't bother otherwise..."
Phil Hockle

RESULT: It's a draw, so really, we need the debate to continue

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