Discuss: Everyone wants a 750

1000cc is now too much and the 600s too track orientated, do we need to see a return of the 750s?

Not so long ago, people would hanker after a big, fast superbike - say an R1 or FireBlade - but know, deep down, it was going to be a bit much. So they'd opt for the softer, more useable 600cc alternative such as a CBR600 or R6.

But things have changed. Sports 600s are now so focused on track performance and race success that they're bordering on the unrideable in everyday use. Yamaha's new R6 and Honda's CBR600RR are no longer the do-it-all everyday options their predecessors once were. The fact is it's easier to ride a flexible, torquey R1 or Fireblade. Trouble is, the 1000s are just too damn fast if you don't have the brain and throttle control to keep the motor in check.

Bring back the 750s. It's no secret that Suzuki's GSX-R750 is, was and will continue to be the best, most useful and usable sports bike money can buy. But without obvious class rivals against which to test the GSX-R, it often goes un-mentioned for months on end. And with no high profile racing classes to compete in, there are no results to boast of.

What the GSX-R750 needs is some competition. So where's our CBR750, R7 and ZX-7R (remember those last two..?). And what about a National Superstock class with a 750cc capacity limit? But the Motorcycle Circuit Racing Control Board (MCRCB) takes its steer from the bike industry, and isn't going to re-structure racing to cater for bikes that don't exist.

"There are no calls for a 750cc racing class," says MCRCB race director Stuart Higgs. "But we're sensitive to demands from the industry, public, teams, riders and media, so never rule anything out!"

However, ask the importers and they'll predictably defend their current line-ups and cite no reason to change, saying no one wants 750s any more, and the 600s are plenty fast enough.

On paper maybe. Quarter mile times and top speeds aren't so far apart, but ride a 600 back-to-back with a litre bike and you won't want to give the 1000's keys back. Until you scare yourself silly. Then that 750 suddenly seems like a very good idea.

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