Motor Cycle News? They seem to bury the best stuff

Badger clears up the pieces left after MCN trike test

Badger, as a philanthropic plantigrade mammal, would like to extend his bristly sympathies to Motorcycle News's very own production-editrix Marc Abbott who is still nursing a very painful double-cracked clavicle.

Until the extent of the hapless hack's injuries filtered through to the Badger's sett, there was indeed much humour gained from the alleged cause of this terrible faux pas. Laugh? Never so hard and for so long. Badger went through an entire box of Andrex Badger Sized tissues he was crying so much.

It seems, allegedly, that the esteemed and highly respected paper publication based in the fen lands of Peterboghorror had recently taken delivery of a custom built Martin Conquest trike capable of being piloted from the safe confines of the user's wheelchair. Before you read on, bear in mind this hand-built specialist vehicle costs as much as the most exclusive Ducati or MV Agusta. And some.

Clearly a sign in the future ... yesterday

This remarkable three (or is that seven?) wheeled device was undergoing thorough and professional evaluation by staff wheelchair user, the likeable Mr Christopher Dabbs, the paper's resident problem page agony uncle. Dabbs, himself no mug (a Dabb hand?) at the controls of most things mechanical, was foolish enough to allow Mr Abbott the use of not just his test-trike but, apparently his highly expensive wheelchair as well.

Abbott prepares for takeoff

Able-bodied Abbott, with bravado and stupidity belying his age and standing, blasted himself up the Great Northern Road to 'evaluate' this pricely machine himself. His total (yet alleged) lack of any three-wheeled pedigree, however, was to provide his dinner-time downfall. Quite literally.

Wooaaah, oooeeer, arggh ... yesterday

On the busy stretch of A1 dual carriageway at a decent 'cruising' speed Abbott mysteriously lost control, hit the barrier in the central reservation and was flipped, wheelchair and all, out of his lofty tank commander's driving position onto the unforgiving tarmac of the busy dual carriageway.

How the scene could have looked

That, in itself, would have been a bad ending but it gets better.

Eventually, through the backed up motorway traffic, the emergency services finally arrived to discover a crash scene of biblical proportions. Scattered over the two lanes were the remains of a once prestigious wheelchair trike and a lone wheelchair in the outside lane - presumably on its back with the wheels still spinning forlornly.

Yet another wheelchair miracle

But hang, on what's this? Is that the previously paraplegic driver staggering around on the hard shoulder holding his broken shoulder? He can walk again!

It's a miracle!

Oh no, it's Marc Abbott.

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