Visordown's guide to reducing your insurance premium

Walking away with an R1

Parting with your hard earned cash for a piece of paper makes insurance a grudge purchase for most of us. Here’s some ways you can try and lessen the blow.

INSURANCE is boring, there are no two ways about it and I should know, I worked in the industry for nearly ten years! Adding to the boredom are the hours spent talking on the phone to Gillian from the sales team who doesn’t know a Ducati from a Datsun!

There is one way though that you can make the whole experience a little less painful and that’s by sticking it too the suits and getting a pukka deal on your bike’s insurance cover.


Depending on the type of bike you ride and your riding experience, theft will for most be the biggest risk to you and your bike. The best way to reduce that risk is with security. Be it physical security like locks chains and ground anchors, or fancy alarms and trackers. Security doesn’t just make it harder to pinch your pride and joy, it also tells the underwriter – the company that pays out in the event of a claim – that you are serious about keeping your bike safe from harm.

Security top tips

  • Always go for Thatcham approved kit – this should be known to the insurer and may get you a discount
  • Double up – a chain and disc-lock or even two chains are a much bigger deterrent than just one item
  • make certain the security is listed accurately on your policy – this could prevent the insurer from not paying out in the event of a claim
  • If you have told the insurer about it, always use it. Failure to do so could prevent a pay-out
  • If you street park, invest in a bike cover or better still; try parking on your front garden
  • Don’t just rely on your OEM immobiliser – there are readily available blockers that can bypass these
  • If you live in a big city, try and share a friend’s garage. Even a garage away from home is better than street parking