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Honda Long-term hello: Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

My first impressions of Honda’s 30th anniversary Africa Twin after the first 300 miles

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And now some points I’m going to try and address…


It comes with the territory, if you shave a seat you lose some padding and it starts to show after about an hour and a half of riding. The numb bum sets in and I have to shift myself about to try and ease the discomfort. Thankfully the ATAS’ bench is big enough to allow me lots of options to get the blood flowing again. I’m thinking an AIRHAWK cushion may help, although it could push the seat height back up.


Even with the bikes heated grips on maximum I still managed to get chilly fingers after about an hour of riding in 3°C. I know that Givi make a slightly larger item that might give me a bit more protection so I’m going to hunt out a pair, get them fitted and review them.

Cruise control – or lack of:

Sadly, this is one thing I can’t change but I’d really like the bike to have cruise control. Riding through the endless average speed cameras on the M1 it just makes sense. Honda will say that a true adventure bike doesn’t need it and they’re right. But adding it to the machine wouldn’t take away any of its adventure kudos, having the choice would just make it better in the real world.

What else do we have in store for the Africa Twin?

Well apart from the 200-mile commute, I’m looking to pit the Honda against the other bikes in the class. I’m thinking self-sustained wild camping, a two-up tour and tons of tests of kit, clothing, tech and luggage. It’s fair to say that if it fits the bike, I want to test it. And share the results in glorious technicolour with you lovely people.

If there’s something you’d like me to do with the Honda, drop me an email:

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