Top 10 scariest bikes ever

With some bikes, it's the speed. For some, it's the price and the sheer exclusivity. Or maybe it was just born bad...

FOR SOME reason, scary bikes are a bit like a magnet. You really want a go, but you know you shouldn’t. It may be because the things going to launch you into the scenery at the first opportunity, or it could be that thought of riding or crashing it means you leave it in the garage all year long.

Whatever the reason, here’s my top-ten scariest road, off-road and track bikes of all time.

10. MV Agusta F4 LH 44

MV Agusta. The name is synonymous with beautiful, fragile and super-exclusive motorcycles. And that’s before you even get to the speed of the things! This MV F4 special edition, designed by social media king and five-time Formula One World champion, Lewis Hamilton, is certainly fast. At 175kg dry and with 212hp on tap, the red missile from Varese can top a claim 187mph and propel those brave enough to 60mph in less than three seconds. But then again so do most top-flight superbikes, so why’s it on the list?

Simply put it’s the value and the exclusivity. Any bike that’s built in such small numbers, just 44 will be produced, and sold at such a price, £54k, instantly adds another layer of fear to the already daunting act of riding the thing!

9. Suzuki TL1000S

Few bikes gained such a reputation, and cult following, in the nineties than the TL1000S. It’s buckaroo style handling and penchant for a tank-slapper made it the bad-boy of the superbike block. Road-testers queued up to try and tame the beast and the front covers of magazines were adorned with crazy shots of the TL’ cutting some serious shapes. The problem stemmed from an F1 inspired rotary rear suspension damper that was located too close to the exhaust. When ridden hard the oil in the damper would become thin and the rear would be under-damped.

After a spate of bad accidents, a worldwide recall was issued and bikes were retro-fitted with a steering damper to try and keep the bike pointing the right way.

It could have been a PR disaster for Suzuki, but it built the bike up to be this mythical machine that demanded respect. And in the real world, if ridden the right way and given the relevant allowances, it was actually rather good.

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