Carl Fogarty gets stuck in the mud while out riding his new bike!

Carl Fogarty has shared a hilarious clip on his Facebook page showing him stuck in a quagmire while attempting an ambitious trail on his bike!

WE’D have assumed that after his experiences on the TV show I’m a Celebrity that Carl Fogarty would be eschewing the outdoor life a little, but we’d be wrong, very wrong.

Having raced at the pinnacle in World Superbikes, Isle of Man TT, Formula 1 motorcycle racing, and even MotoGP, a life lived in the fast lane doesn’t seem to be something that Foggy finds easy to leave behind.

Now it seems the 55-year-old from Blackburn is getting into the world of E-mountain bikes, as he’s just taken delivery of a Ducati E-bike, and seemingly wasted no time in taking it out for a spin. And then he promptly got stuck up to his neck in mud!

WATCH: Carl Fogarty gets up to his neck while trail riding!

The video, shot by one of his friends, shows Foggy literally writhing around in mud that must be at least a foot deep, with his shiny new E-bike pinning him down in the mire. After a couple of minutes, and quite a lot of four letter words [sorry!], ‘King Carl’ finally manages to free himself from the mud, leaving him to stomp off looking like a cross between a yeti and Swamp Thing! Almost as funny as Carl’s reaction to the spill is the fact that however it is that is holding the camera can barely contain their laughter at seeing the motorcycle legend become quite literally stuck in the mud.

Happily, Carl takes the spill with the same kind of Yorkshire good humour that saw him win hearts on the ITV reality TV show, eventually going onto to be crowned ‘King of the Jungle’ in 2014.

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