InWiew helmet-mounted rear light announced

The InWiew helmet mounted safety light mounts onto the lid and receives inputs directly from the bikes electronic system

MOTORCYCLE safety systems that include auxiliary lighting mounted on the rider’s helmet are not a new thing. The concept has been around for some time with limited success, mostly the fact that the unit needs to register the bike and rider’s movement to operate the lights is the issue.

The problem is that the unit has to be totally accurate when gauging what the rider is doing to correctly display the appropriate warning light on the back of the lid – when braking and turning for example.

The InWiew (that is really how it’s spelled!) looks to change all that with the helmet-mounted, motorcycle controlled system.

Instead of relying on potentiometers and accelerometers to guess what the bike and rider are doing, the InWiew comes with a module that hooks on to the bike’s electric system. The benefit is that instead of guessing whether the rider is braking, turning, or otherwise, the system knows the second the indicator is activated and can then trigger the correct warning signal on the helmet.

While the prospect of greater visibility cannot really be argued against, there is a question that should be asked about the overall safety of the product, during a crash for instance. Most helmet manufacturers make the outer shell of a lid as smooth as possible, to help the lid glance off impacts while sliding along the road. This glancing action helps to reduce impact forces that could then be transferred to the rider’s head.

It remains to be seen whether or not sticking the rear light cluster from a mid-1970s BSA to the back of your head is going to negatively affect that protection or not!


I looked all over the internet for a product called inWiew. Doesn't exist. This story even has a sentence calling out how weird the name is. Maybe some basic editing and a little research would have helped you find the product called "inView".

I thought I’d take a moment to point out a few things about our product.
The product name is inView, not inWiew.

Our first priority is always biker safety, both in added visibility and in crash safety. In order to make sure that our unit will not risk the rider in an accident, we worked closely with 3M to arrive at the proper dual lock system to securely adhere the helmet unit to your helmet, but also release the unit in the event of an accident. The 3M dual lock system also allows you to switch the unit from the driver helmet to a passenger helmet or back when needed.
inView also provides engine braking if the user desires. It is turned on, off, and adjusted in our android or iOS app. If engine braking is set to on, it will light the helmet light when the motorcycle decelerates, but almost as importantly, it will light an accessory light that comes with the system that is installed near the motorcycle brake light. This helps following drivers make the association that the red light on the helmet is a brake light. Following drivers see the red light on the helmet first, but without other lights on the motorcycle, may not realize what it is. Then they see the accessory brake light lit on the motorcycle and realize that it is a brake light.

We're currently selling in North America and soon South East Asia.

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